UNC vs. Kentucky Game Watch

UNC Game Watch!

Hi everyone! BRÜ HAUS will be showing the UNC vs. Kentucky game! They have prepared a special food and drinks menu for our party.

chicken wings 10
sweet sriracha | kickin bbq | franks red hot
tri-bean n meeeat chili 11
slow cooked beans | beef n bacon | smidgen of heat | mini corn muffins
backyard bbq pork sliders 9
bbq pulled pork | brioche mini’s | side slaw
Bucket of 5 beers, Coors light or Miller lite $20
Final “Four Roses” Bourbon or Eagle Rare $10
Bottle Champagne $15 Carafe $4

Bruhaus Kentucky flyer

December 17, 2016
2:45 pm
BRÜ HAUS 11831 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90025